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22 England World Championship Caps       10 Team Medals,   4 x Gold   3 x Silver  3 x Bronze

Silver Individual Medal     Former World Ranked No 1  and  Current No.2

2002 Sea Angler Penn League winner     Penn Final Winner 2003

Designer of  the Super-Match Rest ( 1986)  and also the Ever Popular, and Much Used, “Portsmouth Loop Rig”


Learn how to catch more fish, make rigs, collect bait, cast further, prepare fish for the table...


 Venues  Pagham, Selsey, Bracklesham, Hayling, Eastney, Southsea, Haslar, Gilkicker, Stokes Bay, Browndown,Lee-on-Solent, Hill Head, Southampton Water.

 Also Chichester, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbours.

These beaches are visited by vast numbers of species every year, many won't exactly bend your rod much, but still offer theangler a large variety and number of  fish to catch.

Away Days  Venues from Kent to Chesil, available on request.

Fishing   Sessions

  General Fishing  Best way to learn to catch fish catch as many as possible!! You may be surprised how many fish actually live on our beaches!

  for those wanting to learn how to catch whatever is biting at the time. Also ideal for those who prefer being kept busy as well over 30 species visit these

  venues every year. Find out how to catch whatever is available at the time. 30+ fish easily possible with this type of fishing...

Pop Up Fishing  Long rig/snood fishing with floating beads. Target species include Mackerel, Garfish, Scad, Pollack ,Gurnard, Bream, Bass. 

This method has been finely tuned over the years, and used in many World Championships to great effect...learn how, and put the fun into fishing! Catching these

 fish on light tackle is not to be will not be sorry!! Easily possible to catch 30+ plus fish per person.

Big Fish  Targeting seasonal species including Bass, Smoothounds, Rays and Dogfish etc..

Match Fishing  More specialised than other sessions. Every month brings potentially different methods and rigs. I have over 35 years of  match fishing experience in the UK

and abroad and will pass on as many tips as I can.

Casting Lessons  These lessons are to help increase fishing distance, not tournament casting. Practice will take place on a beach whenever possible.

Tackle Workshop  Rig making. Line loading. Knots. General tackle and fishing tips...and lots of fishing chat! Mostly evenings..when the tide is wrong for fishing!

Bait Collecting/Storage  Digging ragworm, lugworm, collecting crabs, shellfish etc. Tips on bait storage.


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